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Seja Felicia Victrix
Image of Seja Felicia Victrix
Title The Light of Dawn
Gender Female
Age 28
Race Human
Class Paladin
Specialization Vengeance
Affiliation Argent Crusade
Occupation Soldier,
Relatives Parents deceased,
(sister, Dalaran)

Seja Felicia Victrix is a female human paladin.


Physical Appearance

For a long time, Seja favoured heavy plate armour, long sable cloaks and hooded cowls, making it difficult to get an accurate impression of what the woman underneath actually looked like. She stands tall for a human female, five foot eleven inches. Her once blonde hair has recovered its former length and thickness but has turned grey. In the years since her freedom was won her skin has lost the unhealthy grey pallor it once had and is now a more natural colour. Although still a handsome woman, Seja would have it believed she cares nothing for her physical appearance. Her hands and feet have been roughened by long hard labour and relentless physical training. Her body bears no ornamentation of any kind, jewelery, tattoos or the like. Her nails are kept short and unvarnished. Her ears are pierced, but she has never been seen to wear earrings.

The armour Seja wore was invariably black, or grey. Dark matt colours, unpolished, the better to be unseen and unbetrayed by a flash of sunlight. She still favours heavy armour to this day. Steel plates are buckled over a grey chainmail shirt and leggings. Beneath these are a shirt and leggings of boiled leather and underneath those woolen undergarments. Not for comfort, but for warmth and protection.


Seja's personality is ever changing and oft-times inconsistant. After Light's Hope gave her back her body, it did not return her memories. Those remained a shattered series of still images jumbled in her mind. As a result of this, Seja had to relearn what it meant to be a human again, how to function in a society, how to interact with people, and most of all, how to temper her own emotions. This process is slow, and still ongoing.

After a several years of freedom Seja is still a quiet reserved woman of few words, and with fewer friends. Her silences are often perceived as sullen or taciturn whereas in fact she is devoting her thoughts to observing those around her. Watching how they interact, use body language, and all the other trifling things the average human has grown up not even thinking of. As a result she is a very withdrawn person who finds it difficult to open up and mix with others. She also finds it difficult to trust anyone.

The few individuals who have, for whatever reason, worked to earn her trust and affection would say that she is devoted and loyal to any cause or person she believes in. Although this trait was damaged by Arthas' betrayal, it still exists within her. To any provocation or goading or insults she reacts with glacial indifference, but any who make threat to her person or to a friend will find themselves forced to defend their words with steel or flee.


Previously, Seja was known as the Dawnslayer. This title was assumed by many of the survivors of the battle at Light's Hope Chapel. She is currently known as the Undying, due to her uncanny ability to elude death. This nickname is not one she would have chosen for herself, however, and dislikes it being mentioned in her presence.

Childhood in Lordaeron

Seja was born in Brill as the younger of two sisters. Unlike her elder sister Deva, Seja did not inherit the natural affinity for magic possessed by their mother, and this led to her feeling very much in her sister's shadow. Although her parents were equally loving towards both of their daughters, the extra attention Deva received throughout their young lives as preparation for her eventual study at Dalaran brewed feelings of resentment and jealousy in her younger sister. These feelings would persist for a long period of time and directly influence many of Seja's life choices.

Paladin of the Silver Hand

Since she could not follow in her sister's or her mother's footsteps, Seja chose to give up her family name and become a novice at the nearby Monastery, then under the aegis of the Silver Hand. She decided that since she could not win a name for herself as a great sorceror, she would do so as a Paladin instead and perhaps win the attention and recognition she had craved as a young girl.

Death Knight of Acherus

Possessed by a banshee during the rout and eventual destruction of the First Legion, Seja never physically died when she became a death knight, but was reduced to a helpless prisoner within her mind, forced to watch the controlling banshee commit countless atrocities with her own body. She still kept close to her prince, as ever, but now as an unwilling servant. She journeyed with Arthas and Frostmourne as part of his new army, even going so far as Kalimdor where Arthas infiltrated Illidan's base camp and convinced the night elf to consume the Skull of Gul'dan and destroy Tichondrius - their mutual enemy. They left Kalimdor all the more powerful: Arthas' banshees had possessed the pick of Illidan's sentinel guards who would go on to become among the most deadly warriors in the Scourge.

The long hold over her was broken at the Battle for Light's Hope, where the Light of Dawn sheared through the Scourge armies, destroying the lesser undead minions and freeing the Death Knights from Arthas' malign control. The banshees infesting Seja and some of her likewise-possessed companions were burnt out of them by the holy flames to be destroyed, screaming in agony. On that day, the survivors under Darion Mograine pledged their loyalty to the cause of ridding the world of the Lich King. Seja gladly joined that pact, and today labours towards that one end, the end of the Scourge.

Travels in Northrend

Seja was sent to Northrend as an ambassador to the Kirin Tor under orders from Highlord Darion Mograine. She was instructed to gain access to Dalaran's archives and find whatever information she could about the forging of weapons with magic. Seja also resolved to use this chance to track down her sister Deva and if possible, kill her.

Valgarde Port and the Emissary

At Valgarde Seja was met by an emissary from the Kirin Tor. Ever suspicious, the magocracy had decided to allow Mograine's ambassador access to Dalaran if she was deemed no threat by an evaluator. As fate would have it, the evaluator they chose to send was a young mage named Deva Victrix, Seja's own sister. The years that had passed, and the trials Seja had undergone meant that neither recognised the other. Nevertheless, the enforced close working conditions during their travels throughout the continent led to the two women striking up an odd friendship, although neither could understand the ease with which they struck up a rapport.

The Order of the Ebon Flame

Deva was at the time she met Seja herself working for another organisation under orders from Dalaran. An ancient order of warriors and wielders of arcane power, the Order of the Ebon Flame had changed from its original all-Kal'dorei membership to encompass other races. The necessary magi were recruited from the greatest source of magical learning in the world: Dalaran. By her association with Deva, Seja ended up working for this group, first as a mercenary and later as a full member of the Order. Together with her new allies she struck the first of what would be many blows against the Scourge: the destruction of Naxxramas.

Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker

As part of her duties serving with the Ebon Flame, Seja was tasked to aid them with destroying all evils which threatened Azeroth - of which the Scourge was merely one of many. An ancient evil was breaking free in the Titan prison-city of Ulduar and the knights of the Ebon Flame were preparing the brave the ruins to put an end to it. Seja ordinarily had little interest in wasting time on matters which did not involve battling the Scourge, but this case was different. The imprisoned entity was rumoured to be none other than Yogg-Saron, the Old God of Death. A weapon which could destroy such a monster might prove to be of worth against the Lich King. Bolstered by this hypothesis, Seja led a seasoned party of heroes into the Molten Core in an attempt to free the Prince of Air from the clutches of Ragnaros. Doubtless the elemental lord would provide valuable information about its Old God master in return for its freedom. As events transpired, Seja and her companions were forced to dispatch an enraged Thunderaan after he burst forth from his prison and attempted to slay his rescuers. Seja claimed his mighty sword as her own, thinking that if anything should be proof against an Old God, the weapons he gifted his servants would be it.

Yogg-Saron, Death's Demise

Battling through the nightmare infested lower halls of Ulduar to reach the Old God proved to be a formidable task, but the Ebon Flame persevered and was ready to engage Yogg-Saron itself. For them it would be one more victory to ensure the safety of Azeroth, for Seja it was merely a chance to test the power of her stolen weapon.


After many years of self imposed exile, Seja forsook the knowledge of frost magic she had used in battle, and returned to the Light. Her former role as a protector having been a failure in her eyes, she now seens only retribution. Those who know her best worry that this lust for justice has been twisted inside her, and now she thirsts only for vengeance.

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