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Stormcaller and Shaman of The Flame.

"There is no good and evil - there are choices and consequences. What is right for one might be wrong for another. Live and let live - accept, observe, learn. For it is through this you gain wisdom. And wisdom is the very essence of life. To see past the outer shell and look into the world beyond is the key to destiny" ~ Luccratia


Basic Information

  • Race: Draeni
  • Age: appears to be around 20 years, human standard
  • Gender: Female
  • Height: 7'5"
  • Weight: 240lbs.
  • Specialization: Elementalist
  • Occupation: Jewelcrafter
  • Affiliation: Ebon Flame
  • Faction: Alliance
  • Server: Moonglade EU

Phsycial Appearence

Luccratia is tall and darkskinned, with large horns placed at the sides of her head. The hair is thin, with a scrawny black colour, reaching to her shoulders. Supported by elegant features, her body appears feminime and healhty, well-trained but yet not very musculair. Mostly she is seen wearing her armour, charged with electricity. It is dusty and seems like she does not put great care in keeping it - same counts for her weapons.

Strange energies seems to bind themselves to Luccratia; her void-like eyes appears calm, yet - like they have seen more in their few years, than most would reach to exsprience in a lifetime. Secrets are hidden deep within embraced by unknown thougts, leaving the draeni in a veil of mystery and dedication. She might be found as frightening, since the light from the Naaru seems to have left her along with her faith in it.

Around Luccratias neck four different totems are draped; one for each of the elements. The necklase is also visible in her wolf form, where it mangels with the long and scruffy pelt.


One might notice that there is a lot more to this shaman than meets the eye. ((more to come))


The Present

Currently Luccratia have earlier been working closely together with The Order, progressing slowly and steady, facing the harder challenges of Outlands. The people there have become more important to her than she had ever imagined, and it seems, that she finally have found a safe heaven, where she can belong and feel at home again. However, her position within the Flame has made her activity less and less.

She is a proud member of Ebon Flame, with which she fight on daily basis. Along the membership comes not only new challenges and affiliations, but it also creates a path to something, Luccratia has been striving for ever since the elemental gods bestoved her with their gift - power.

Luccratia can be found in The Exodar at rare times, sorting gems and minning materials; else she will most likely be meditating in the Temple of Storms looming over The Storm Peaks. Currently she have dissapeared into nowhere, her residence unknown.

The Past - New paths, challenges, affiliations

A young shaman closes her eyes to embrace the chilly evening wind, caressing her soft skin. The stars are shining brightly, and the waves of the sea looming gently at the edge of the water. She sits down, the tall grass swirling gently from side to side, and studies the rays of light the moon bestows the sea with. The shaman seems distant shortly, while the thoughts flow.

“At the time I saw him subtly slide down the rock, the late sun grooming over the red and scalded mountains of Blasted Lands, I knew that it would also be the last. As I stood there, the soft wind caressing my skin, the heated dust clenched to my worn armour, I felt a part of me walking away over the steps, leaving nought but shadows and emptiness behind. I had never thought that I would be able to feel like this again, and though my mind were as adamant as ever, my soul yielded at the emotional suffering. I know it was the only thing to do, but time to time I ask myself, how I can be so sure. He made me recall what I had kept hidden away for so long, and I will never forget how he opened my heart once again. But you cannot force people to love you – all you can do is set them free, accept that roads might not be alike, and that even different roads can meet again. Time to time you have to let go, to reach a greater understanding of the ascendants life wields. At some point, they are all assembling each other – and even light needs darkness to shine. “

She shakes her head as she becomes present again. The thin, dark hair falls lightly upon the shoulders, and a few fireflies greets her with their shimmering. Until now the face have been adamant and serious, but a little smile craves the elegant lips as she lifts a slender finger to admire the little fellow. The firefly sets off again, leaving the shamans face in a mild, shadowy lit embrace. After a while she takes forth pen and paper, one more time pondering if she should do this – then she bites her lip and begins to write

>>My name is Numair Luccratia, and I was born on the early Draenor, eight years before the corruption of the orcs began. I lived a peaceful life with my parents and older brother, Argai. My memories from that time are filled with butterflies and spring, fruits and crystal clear water closely bond to the many mysteries a children soul sublimates to the surroundings. But it did not last for long and soon we were driven form our own home, into tree years of persecution and slaughter of my kin. About the time where my mother left the world to save us, an unknown illness grasped my father who followed her far too soon. My brother never forgave himself for not being able to prevent it and I must admit that my fragile heart turned to denial shortly after. Argai was all I had for a long time after that, and what I experienced until we were found by what was left of Master Velens army, is buried so deep in my shattered mind, that it cannot be found the day today. Master Velen gave Argai the chance to redeem himself and I did not have much other choice than to follow my beloved brother into the upcoming battle, to get what was left of our once magical world, back. I was not of much use, sadly; I never were very gifted when it came to battle, but I were always mentioned as being very intelligent and patient - and I find it easy adapting and learning. When they day came for the attempt to retake Temptest Keep, I found myself watching from a distance, not attending, not doing anything of use except helping with looking after the others. But once again we proved unsuccessful and only merely did we manage to escape with a satellite, that was hurled through The Twisting Nether, to crash on Asuremyst Isle, here on Azeroth. I remember how I found Argai deadly wounded. The disturbance had caused the connection to the Naaru to break, and no matter how many tears I shed and how much I called upon my kin’s guiding light, I was not able to save him. He died in my arms and with him, I lost most of what had kept me sane so far. I do not recall where I went or for how long I ran, but at a point my body had to give after for the physical exhaustion. There was nothing but shadows and emptiness left. Everything I have ever held dear in my life has been taken away from me - one way or another. The difference between now and then is, that I had to find something to blame and since the light had failed me in my most desperate hour of need, it suffered the faith. Today I know that I alone is the one that are responsible for my failures and successes, but I was young and I had not yet reached the heights of wisdom the life provides you. Even when the Naaru found its way back into our midst, and even though I am aware of how much it has done for my people and still does, I never will and never did turn back to it. I had no need for it anymore, and nor do I have today. If you cannot trust yourself and your powers – who can? For a while I just existed, with no purpose and no meaning. I aided my people where I could around the crash side, and lend a hand to those who asked. But one day I felt a new presence; something that spoke so clearly to my soul and spirit that I could not resist giving after for it and let it enter my mind. It was about that time The Elemental Gods showed me that there were still a path in life for me – a path I was destined to walk. It felt natural for me to learn about and adapt the shamanistic way of living and I have not regretted it ever since. The elemental gods gave me the power to preserve and restore life and to protect myself and those that are close – but do not mistake me. The path that life chose for me is not an easy one; but one that can either lead to powers so indestructible and insane that it can crave the earth to pieces, make the monsoons blow wilder than they have ever blown, challenge the storms to battle the maelstroms of the oceans and make the wild spirits of fire consume and destroy - or eternal destruction of both mind, body and soul.

The road of the shaman is powerful beyond imagination; yet there is not far from the ally with the elements, to descend of the madness one meet under the trials. Not only does a shaman have to master two worlds; they are tempted to travel them, constantly living on the edge between insanity and knowledge, searching for new answers and discovery of unvisited places. I am one of those who decided to travel further - under my trials I found a gateway to access The Emerald Dream, separated from The Spirit world, where I have wandered parts of it, humanoid beings rarely has set feet upon for centuries. Firstly I was unaware of the amount of time I spend there, intrigued by the mysteries The Dream offered; but I have kept on returning, eager to learn and explore. But there is a limit to every mind, for how much they are able to contain. Since the dead of my brother, I have been searching for a way to be reunited with him in life. At first I used the spirit world to communicate, but the level of responding was very limited. As I found out how to manipulate with the spirit pars of nature, it occurred to me that by visiting The Dream, which I accidentally had entered during my very first trial, I was able to meet Argai as the being he once was. Though wise by nature and knowledged beyond my age, the heart of a young girl which longs for security was left to speak and guide my doings for a time. Later on I found out, that it also were possible to seek out various creatures within The Dream, to guide me and give me answers to things - even visions - from both the past, the present and rarely - the future.<<

The shaman slides some hair behind her ear, reading her writings through. A frown appears, as she once again doubts if she has said too much - but for some reason it appears to her, that she needed to do this. However, the pen soon again touches the parchment.

>>I am Numair Luccratia, Servant of Storms and traveller of planes. This is my story, and the happenings that has lead me to where I am in life today. However, I have gotten friends during my time here that has helped showing me yet again, how it is to hold affection for others; and how valuable companionship can be. I am successfully helping my people and our newfound alliance with fighting off the legion in outlands, and I have a vision, to one day be powerful enough to face not only the disillusioned blood elf prince Kael’thas himself, but also lead the demon prince Illidan to destruction – and hereby once again see my beloved sacred homeland safe. All I have ever been able to hold in my grasp are my nature given powers; maybe I really am destined to live my life in eternal search for more knowledge, and seek out my limits. Time will tell, I recon. As for now I am here, stronger than I have ever been before. And I feel it is time for me to pursue my goals and fulfil my destiny. I asked the winds to carry these words to The Flame – if you hear my call, know that I am ready – ready to lend my powers for whatever purpose that might lead me closer to what I seek. Heed my call, and I shall serve you until life forces me to bend.<<

She nods and rises, leaving hoof prints in the sand behind her as she strides for the beach. The shaman takes a few steps out in the water, her kilt dragging rings on the surface. Her totem necklace dangles softly in the wind, meddling with the scrawny hair as she folds the letter, picking up a bottle and stuffs it in. Her hand makes a movement to seal it, where after she kneels down and let go of it. The void like eyes follows the bottle as it looms through the water, carried by the mild evening breeze. Then she turns around, her slender figure changing to that of a wolf, and soon she is out of sight.

The Past - A Though Goodbye

For a moment the young shaman stands there, the storms sorrounding her at the temple, the Storm Peaks looming around as tall white shadows. In her hand she holds the tabard of The Flame, her mind rushing through all she has archieved with them - within all of the pictures of friends she has gotten through her time on Azeroth, a few stands out. Her else so neutral and stern face softens up when memories of Mekion, her rogue friend, Kathryn and Kynan, leaders of OFDS, Idreal and Perlin, her beloved - even Gabré - appears, soon to be followed by the rest of the members of The Order.

Luccratia closes her eyes for a while, finding a white rose from within her robe; she kisses it and stuffs it in again, breathing in heavily to feel and smell the emmering electricity in the air. The darksninned, void-eyed shaman knows what to do, not afraid to follow the path that has been shread before her.Might we meet again once, if not sooner then later. Untill then, take care and winds guide you all.

Then she takes a step out over the platform, the vile storms rushing through the grey skies; a blue proto-dake catches her as she falls, her light body easily crawling upon it's scaled back. And then with a flash and a crush an electric wave strikes her, making her and the dragon dissapear in the cold air.

The Present Furture - Misty Veils

Since the day Luccratia descended from the sky, into the void like chaos that had been her home for what felt like thousands of years, she had not been aware of what happened around her. The days melted together, and the common sense of time was replaced by the numb feeling of nothingness. And yet, the nothingness was filled with something, it wasn’t empty – it was substantial, and yet thin and undefined, like watery mixture of air and floating gel.

At first, the shaman had spend her existence sitting on her knees, running her fingers through the nothingness, a bit like a child playing with wet sand from the beach. She had studied how the gel licked down her arms while she felt the memories of her loved ones, as well as her former home, slip away; leaving her inner spirit undisturbed as the slippery stuff succumbed into large rings, much like one see them on the surface of the water, when rain is falling. Luccratia found that she was at peace; it was okay for her existence to remain here – but the purpose was still unclear for her, as spun into a misty veil.
When Luccratia stood, she felt her legs disappear underneath her, and for a long piece of existence, she just fell. Deeper and deeper into the void, feeling how the nothingness stripped her for everything, leaving the shamans well-featured and feminine body, as naked as it had the day she was brought into the world she had left behind. At a time, Luccratia closed her eyes, curling her body together, her hands clutching at her arms; the knees almost up under her chin. She felt cold all of a sudden, tears steaming slowly from her pupil less eyes; why she was crying, the shaman could not tell. She did not feel sad, nor were she hurt.
Gentle hands were laid upon her shoulders, supporting her as if she were something fragile, lifting Luccratia up and wiping away the tears from her cheeks. She dared not open her eyes, and somehow it occurred to her, she did not need them to see. The shaman took a step forward, expecting to be dragged away again – but it did not happen. Instead her existence was left walking, surefooted, into the nothingness, her arms drifting by her sides, her hoofs light as feathers – the black and scrawny hair, floating around her face.
And then she bend, her hands slowly evolving into paws; Luccratia felt how her upper body stretched itself, her breasts disappearing as her tail became larger and more husky, how the muscles in her hind legs curved and grew differently than before, soon to leave her in her spirited shape, that of a wolf. And as a wolf she went, with her head slightly lowered, her new features carrying her with ease. She was seeking something; she just couldn’t figure what it was.
Suddenly a rush of wind blew at her, making Luccratias necklace, with the four small totems, dangle softly, and meddling with her pelt. Until now, she had forgotten all about them, but now she felt how they pushed some of the nothingness away, forcing the coldness to leave her body. The wind blew again at the shaman, rushing wildly in her pelt, carrying a large pattern of scents with it, coloured by the sweet joy of being in the current. Luccratia sat down, raising her head as if to howl, embracing the sweet caressing, and how it seemed to make her pelt lighter, floating as her normal hair had done some moments of existence ago.
The shaman found her legs carrying her further into the nothingness, accompanied by the wind, soon to be met by a heat rush. Suddenly, wildfire was all around them, blocking the path from where they came. It roared like a mighty beast, seeming to shape a huge mouth, ready to consume both the shaman and her companion. Without hesitation, Luccratia nailed both paws to the ground, denying standing aside for the fire, which hurled itself against them, with the terrifying beauty, violence and rage that characterised the element so well. To Luccratia, it appeared for a moment, like the fire intended to rip the skin away from her body, but soon she found, that the wind was soothing her corpus, keeping the destroying, red and orange flame ocean at bay. “I will not bend to you,” Luccratias own voice sounded in her head, resulting in the fire spitting with hostility, as she started to work her way through it. Soon she felt one paw break out from it, and swiftly the rest of her body followed. The fire did not like to be left behind, so it clung to her pelt, creating a mane of flames, surrounding the shamans face.
And then she fell again, her legs paddling helplessly in the air, until deep water was all around her. The fire was pleading for her not to keep swimming, the wind making it hard for her to move forward. Yet the shaman swam, feeling the pain of the fire dying slowly, and the strength of the wind lessen. Then the three of them broke the surface, Luccratia clawing in the earth to drag herself and her companions up. The water did not want to let go of them, so instead of being in the way for its two siblings, it fastened itself to Luccratias legs, leaving dark, wet spots on the earth.
The ground beneath Luccratias paws were soiled and soft, soothingly spreading between the claws, carrying her and her followers with ease and care. The shaman stood for a while, only feeling how the ground bounced beneath her, and to see, how roots softly entangled her one front leg, transforming it into the lower part of a tree. A fragile plant slug itself upwards, tickling the rough bark as Luccratia proceeded; where her enhanced paw connected to the ground, flowers and spires grew, their seed carried forward with help from the wind, feed by the essence of the water. And each flowery garden she left behind, the fire consumed, letting the ashy leafs play with Luccratias tail, shaping it.
With all four elements connected to her, the shaman felt whole with her existence, and the nothingness became lighter step by step. Echoes from her past, present and future, rebound in her head, disturbing the serene state of mind she had been in for so long. “Why was I brought here? What is this for a place?”
Only silence was there to be heard. She turned in every direction, searching, but with no luck. The elements and the nothingness remained her only company. It had been long enough now, to walk in everything and nowhere.
“Am I truly lost?” Luccratia sat down, her paw creating a small garden of blossoming underneath. She remained seated, loosing herself in her memories that had started to come back to her. Dwelling at those of a tall, white draeni, a burning flame; faces, of those who had been dear to her before she took off, before the nothingness had consumed them. Suddenly, as a lightening storm breaks the sky, a huge and all consuming voice cut off her dreamy state.
>>The path you chose, is not an easy one; but one that can either lead to powers so indestructible and insane that it can carve the earth to pieces, make the monsoons blow wilder than they have ever blown, challenge the storms to battle the maelstroms of the ocean and make the wild spirits of fire consume and destroy; or eternal destruction of both mind, body and soul.<<
The shaman felt a shiver running down her spine, as the elements, surrounding her body, shook with her. With eyes still closed she fought against the heavy storm that had risen to nail her to the ground, lightening and electricity all around her.
“I have conquered those powers; I have mastered the path I choose. If this is my mind prison, then release me, and let me continue to serve Thy. I have never failed You. WHY AM I HERE?”
With enormous effort the shaman forced her wolfish shape to rise, feeling how the storm jittered all around her, the smell of burnt pelt making her nostrils cry. Luccratia felt pain, for the first time in what seemed an eternity, and it made her cry of relief, opening her eyes to meet her destiny. Jolts of light were all around her, a mighty elemental creature seeming to radiate all the fusion in the air, towering up in the endless nothingness above.
>>I am The Storm that ravages the mountains; I am the Lightening that splinter the waters; the unstoppable Force that cuts the sky to pieces, and the One who make the earth shudder under my wrath. You have sought Me, Shaman; here I am.<<
Luccratia only felt awe, as she slowly raised her head, staring blindly into the enormous God. At this moment, she wished nothing more than to let the insane fusion and force in the air fill her up, overtake her, lend her their insane and destructive powers, make her a tool to spread their rage; but then she remembered.
“All I wish is to serve, my God, to serve and to live, for I feel that my time on Azeroth has been too short. I have a lot to accomplish. Send me back, and I will continue to serve, be one among thousands of links, that you have to my world. I wanted to be sure about my purpose, one final time get confirmed, that this is My Path. I chose this once more, as the Storms have chosen me.”
Her last words came with more resolution than expected, her upper body raised, her paws spread lightly, her head bowed.
>> You want to return?<< The sound of a thousand drums emerged in Luccratias mind, her ears suffering. She managed a nod.
>>I will abide your wish, because you had the courage to seek me, this final time. There is still war, in your world. A new threat has arisen; an old enemy of the Titans have awoken in the depths of Ulduar. Your old affiliations are already fighting.<<
“Will I get back in time?” But Luccratias words were drowned in a flash of light, as the God disappeared, leaving only the storms behind. And then she rose, starting to wander; soon the steps became to leaps, and with pelt and body consumed by the pleasant company of The Four Elements, the elemental she-wolf roamed through the storm of nothingness, giving life to the ground underneath her, seeking for a way back to her Home. To her loved ones.
“I’m on my way. I will be there, to aid – one way or another.”

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