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Welcome to the Ebon Flame Wiki!

Ebon Flame is an alliance guild based on the Moonglade (EU) realm. Founded by Thalos on 7 December 2005 on the cornerstones of strong leadership and a community focus, the guild has ever since strived towards a unique balance between raiding and role playing. We aim to enjoy every aspect World of Warcraft has to offer, from battles in the deepest of dungeons to the highest glory in the arena.

We pride ourselves on the stable and mature community we have built up over time and will welcome any like-minded people amongst us. Going forward, we always aim to get to know each other better, challenge ourselves against the greatest of challenges and ultimately enjoy the game all of us have chosen to play.

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What this wiki is meant for

  • A better place than sticky posts on the forum to store permanent(ish) things like Knights listings, strategies, macros, ...
  • A place where any EF member can create pages, about absolutely everything and anything. Everything here is visible to everyone in the world, and only editable by members. Just log in with your usual forum login if you're a member, and you'll have page create/edit rights.

Creating new pages is really easy - if you want to make a page called My New Page, just go to (DO NOT ACTUALLY CALL YOUR PAGE 'My New Page'... sheesh), and if the page doesn't exist, it'll ask if you want to create it.

What this wiki needs


Please, get involved. We need people to volunteer to look after the content here. It's your guild, and Kinta is more than happy to maintain and build and look after things like this, but we get insanely busy with everything else that goes on. This is your chance to help the guild out - so, volunteers please!

K's wishlist so far:

  • Ideas on what should live in here
  • Important sticky forum threads to be moved over here and categorised nicely
  • People to volunteer to maintain and look after various bits of the wiki
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