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PostPosted: Fri Sep 04, 2015 3:36 pm    Post subject: Keepers of the Ebon Flame - Roster Reply with quote


It is a difficult thing, to keep the memories of ten thousand years in your head. Things get confused, lost. I suspect this is why, in the ages that came before, the Order created the Codex. However, as that codex is currently unavailble for persual, the task falls to the Archivist to make sure those who came before are not forgotten. But no mortal may hold within him the knowledge of aeons. What here follows, then, is not the complete history of our order, but rather a summary of it's greatest champions: The Keepers. In the past, these had been revered by their followers as saints of their various disciplines. Wether to continue this practice is, of course, entirely the domain of the reader.

From the desk of Verannion G. Whizzlefire, Archivist of the Flame

Ana’rathiel Firesoul – Warlock
The story of Ana’rathiel is that of redemption. Though he had once sold out his kin to the machinations of the Dread Titan, Ana’rathiel would see the error of his ways before all was lost. As the Goddess herself visited him, he was charged with the task of repelling the demonic invasion, defending the Land of Eternal Starlight even unto his dying breath. Thus, from the fires of desperation, the Order of the Ebon Flame was born; a covenant with the Goddess, that such tragedy never again would befall our world. But even as he lay dying on the battlefield, The Founder was never free of the demonic taint he had acquired during his time among the highborne. We honor him today as the patron saint of warlocks, and give thanks to those that tread a slippery slope of darkness in order to preserve the light.

Borrun the Rockshaper – Shaman
For his entire life, Borrun was an outcast among his own. The Earthen, to whom he was born, did not approve of his close friendship with Ana’rathiel, and other elves considered him a blemish upon the beauty of the world. Only with the Flame did Borrun ever find a sense of belonging, among others shunned by their own. As the last person to see the Founder alive, Borrun was the first successor to the tile of Keeper. Under his command, the very mountains of Kalimdor moved with the armies of the Ebon Flame, assisting them in the many battles that still raged against the Burning Remnant. We honor him today as the patron saint of shamans, and give thanks to those that rise from their sorrows to beat back the darkness.

Mithrias Moonstrike – Mage
Mithras tale is very nearly the same as that of Ana’rathiel – but in reverse. Usurping power after Borrun crumbled with age, Mithras had been a loyal supporter of Ana’rathiel even as they split with the Arcane, the very essence of Mithras being. During his reign, Mithras came to recruit from the shamed highborne that still eked out a living among distant elven colonies. Valuing knowledge and power above all else, the order was still a force to be reckoned with during this time, although it seemed they never managed to strike at their fiercest enemies. Though he had started out in life pure, the inevitable corruption of the Arcane drove Mithras mad until eventually, as is the fate of all tyrants, he was killed by his own wardens. We honor him today as the patron saint of mages, and give thanks to those that choose to ward off the darkness even in the face of their ultimate defeat.

Nathrilla Evensong – Paladin
To those that knew her, Nathrilla was mother, huntress and sentinel to all those she considered her friends. She embodied perfectly all these aspects of a night elven Moon Priestess, healing her allies, smiting her enemies, and even sacrificing her own safety to preserve the life of others. Coming to power after the corrupt rule of Mithras Moonstrike, Nathrilla set out to cleanse the order itself, banishing the unworthy from its ranks and re-establishing the Goddess’ covenant through faithful service. Under her guidance, the Ebon Flame again became a name whispered in fear throughout the dark dens that their enemies hid in. Nathrilla would eventually face death as she made the ultimate sacrifice to hold back a satyr raid on a remote elven village, allowing the residents to escape with the help of the rest of the order, who could only watch as she was literally buried under the dead bodies of the satyr she had brought down. We honor her today as the patron saint of paladins, and give thanks to those who sacrifice their own light to illuminate the darkness.

Brelynna Stargaze – Priest
Having served as Nathrilla’s lieutenant for the latter part of her reign, Belynna was the logical choice for a successor. She led the order with wisdom and understanding, focusing its energies in an effort to rebuild lost villages and shrines, as well as preserving night elf history. As Nathrilla’s crusades had cleansed most of Kalimdor from demonic taint, Belynna would not see much battle as Keeper, though it is said that when she did, her soldiers seemed more motivated and skilled, as if the Goddess herself walked with them into the fray. To date, Belynna is the only Keeper not to have died in battle, succumbing instead to a plague that not even her own legendary healing abilities could counter. Such was her legacy though, that for centuries following her death, the Order lived on, carrying out the directives she had laid down as if she had never left them. Which, according the more superstitious of them, she never did. We honor her today as the patron saint of priests, and give thanks to those that show us that we must keep the light just as we destroy the darkness.

Dathris the Forceful – Warrior
Dathris has the distinction of the being the first Keeper that lived his entire life, from childhood to death, among the soldiers of the Ebon Flame. Having been born to a low-ranking warden, Dathris was raised and trained collectively by his mothers squad, rising to the peak of physical perfection relatively early in his life. Though Dathris would become the most able of his fellow soldiers, he exhibited none of the mystical powers that had been the hallmark of all Keepers before him. It came as a shock to his commander, therefore, that when Dathris fought in the Battle of Solarsal, his great strength caused his strikes to sound like thunderclaps and the ground to tremble under his furious blows. Having devoted his life to his martial training, Dathris seemed to have gained the ability to inflict his will upon the land through physical force alone. This quickly earned him the title Dathris the Forceful, and a few years after the Battle of Solarsal, Dathris was elected Keeper by popular vote, becoming the only Keeper so far to not have inherited his powers from the previous. Under his rule, the soldiers of the Ebon Flame found newfound strength and rose to become the best fighters the order had seen since the War of the Ancients, all in an effort to emulate Dathris. We honor him today as the patron saint of warriors, and give thanks to those that realize that though we may be humble before the light, we must always strive to be the best that we can.

Lyra Leafshadow – Hunter
Rising to prominence under the strict reign of Dathris, Lyra established herself as the orders foremost tracker, becoming so adept at it that her fellow soldiers would jokingly remark that if the enemy fled to the White Lady, she would see their footprints in the air. Favoring the bow over the glaive, Lyra fought across the continent in the company of her sister (and later, successor) Rienna, and her faithful nightsaber companion, Kala. So adept were the three of them, and particularly Lyra and Kala, that when they fought, other members of the order would comment that it appeared more like a carefully choreographed dance than the savage battle that was actually being fought. The sheer force of her determination to root out the enemy made the entire order a target, however, and Lyra was eventually killed defending the last remaining bastion of the order, who at that time maintained several keeps and fortresses across Kalimdor. As Lyra drew her last breath, Kala took up position by her body and defended it against the demon hordes that tried to steal it away as a trophy. When the battle was finally over, both elf and saber had died fighting, leaving power in the hands of Rienna.

Rienna Leafshadow – Rogue
Rienna was tasked with assuming control of an order that had, in her eyes, already failed. Her sister’s death, coupled with the fact that much of the once grand army of the Ebon Flame was now serving as a feast for maggots and ravens, caused Rienna to seriously doubt whether open warfare was truly the way forward for the Ebon Flame. Under her leadership, the order withdrew from the public eye, choosing instead to fight their battles in secret, against enemies who did not know they were still active. This new type of guerilla fighting, while at first unfamiliar and alien to the few surviving Flames that had served under Lyra, soon proved to be extremely effective, as one enemy stronghold after another fell to the fast raids of the order under the expert supervision of Rienna. Rienna also introduced the concept of poisons to the order, something which had previously been deemed ineffective due to the nature of their fights, but which would now serve them well in their shadow war. Unfortunately, the Ebon Flame’s withdrawal from mainstream society caused them to be labeled traitors to the night elven nation, and in an ironic twist of fate, Rienna, who was herself a skilled assassin, was murdered by night elven assassins. We honor her today as the patron saint of rogues, and give thanks to those who realize that brute force is no substitute for strategy and cunning.

Barthus the Savage – Druid
Though he did not know it, Barthus greatest moment would also be his last. Inheriting the position of Keeper from Rienna, Barthus early years as keeper were focused around traditional night elven values, such as preserving nature and practicing druidism. This, while not forgiving the order, earned it it’s place back into mainstream night elf society, though they would still operate as a shadow group. Barthus reign was relatively peaceful, which only lends credibility to the term “calm before the storm”. Towards the end of his life, Barthus answered the summons of arch druid Fandral Staghelm, who requested the presence of the order in the War of the Shifting Sands. Recognizing the threat, Barthus quickly moved the order towards Silithus in its entirety, joining the night elven forces on the eve of battle. Diving into the fray the next day, the Ebon Flame, after nearly ten millennia of service found themselves facing something unfamiliar; a new type of foe. Though taken aback by the hideous appearance of the Old Gods warped servants, the order rallied behind Barthus, who charged again into the enemy ranks in the form of a great bear. It was not to last, however, as the tried and tested strategies of the order, that were originally developed to fight demons, fell flat against the sheer numbers of the qiraji. As the war came to a close, the order had again been decimated to the point that only Barthus and one other Flame had survived. Handing power to this unknown Flame, Barthus made one final charge into the enemy ranks, beating them back with nothing but rage and determination to drive him on. As Nathrilla had done so many years ago, Barthus sacrificed himself to allowing others to seal the Scarab Wall, effectively locking Barthus in with the qiraji. We honor him today as the patron saint of druids, and give thanks to those who do not shy away from battle with an unfamiliar foe.

Unknown – Guardian of the Eternal Flame
Not much is known about the sole survivor that Barthus left behind. Even his name has been lost to history, as he departed the battlefield after the Scarab Wall was sealed. We do know that he never managed to rebuild he order, for whatever reason. Most likely he kept on fighting by himself, a single, terrifying demon of revenge eradicating the enemies of night elf-kind by himself. A single witness report from the Battle of Mount Hyjal tells of a lone elderly night elf who seemed to burn the Scourge with some sort of black magical fire before disappearing into thin air as soon as his foes were dead. It would seem likely that this is the unknown keeper, but we cannot know for sure. The one reliable account of his even existing is that of Thalos himself, who met this man in Darnassus five years later. After that brief encounter, however, the man again disappears from history. He is presumed dead. We honor him as the embodiment of our fight, and give thanks to those that fight even in the face of insurmountable odds.

Thalos – Death Knight
Born to the highborne of Eldre’thalas, Thalos never ventured out of the city much until a chance encounter with the unlikeliest of creatures ignited in him the spirit of exploration. Dorgan, a dwarf that had sailed from the Eastern Kingdoms, was one day found wounded outside the city. Found by a patrol, he was brought into the city and cared for as a way of payment for the service of the earthen ten millennia ago. When he left, Thalos asked to come with him, and so it was that the grizzled old dwarf found himself with an elven companion.
Wandering around the continent, discovering a world none of them had known existed, they would eventually find themselves in Darnassus. It was here that Thalos met the unknown keeper, and was forced into becoming the new Keeper of the Ebon Flame. Thalos, however, would have greater success in rebuilding the order. Recruiting this time from the entirety of the Alliance, the order was reborn through the collective efforts of gnomes, dwarves, humans and elves. Facing some of the worst enemies in existence, including the Old God C’Thun, which had decimated the order in the past, the Ebon Flame under Thalos carried the crusade across Azeroth and, eventually, Draenor as well. As the draenei joined the Alliance, they too were accepted into the Flame, giving the order its first shamans since Borrun. The order was stronger than ever – until the unthinkable happened.
Awakening from atop his Frozen Throne, the Lich King Arthas immediately noticed the boundless power of the spirits of fallen Flames and coveted it. Realizing that he could not steal these souls for himself, Arthas set out seduce the Keeper, Thalos, with promises of power. If Thalos would grant him control over these souls, Arthas promised, then all the power of a champion of the Scourge would be his for the taking. After the many years that Thalos had been the unwilling keeper, the resentment over the fact that he could no longer control his own destiny as well as the fact that his life had already been taken from him, drove Thalos to accept. For the first time in history, a member of the Ebon Flame, and the Keeper at that, had betrayed the Goddess’ mission.
For nearly a year, Thalos served as the willing harbinger of the Lich King’s will, recruiting other death knights and raising his enemies into undeath and slavery. No one was safe from this fate – even old Flames that had served Thalos in life now served him in death. Forming his own elite cadre of death knights, the Ebon Sword, Thalos became a name whispered in towns across the world in much the same tones as one would whisper the name of Arthas himself. It would have ended there, but for one thing.
The rest of the Order had survived, rallied and even grown despite Thalos’ betrayal. More than that, they had made it their mission to find and return him to the fold, come what may.
Facing off below the grand necropolis of Naxxramas, the order at last found their errant Keeper. After a brief battle between Flames, living and dead, the urgings of the Prophet, Maelor caused a cascade of memories to flood Thalos mind. Realizing that Arthas had betrayed him by erasing his memories, Thalos directed his wrath against the forces of the Scourge, eventually conquering the necropolis. Thalos had returned to the order, and with him came the death knights of the Ebon Sword, who provided welcome insights into Scourge tactics that would be sorely needed. Thalos would go on to lead the Ebon Flame to victory in the frozen north, redeeming himself in the eyes of those that had once served him. We honor him now as the patron saint of death knights, and give thanks to those that see the error of their ways and repent.
Any man's death diminishes me, because I am invested in humanity, and therefore never send to know for whom the bell tolls; It tolls for thee - John Donne
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