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"The Heart of Darkness" - RP Storyline

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PostPosted: Wed Oct 06, 2010 4:22 am    Post subject: "The Heart of Darkness" - RP Storyline Reply with quote

I had realised a few months ago I would never be able to finish Seja’s story to the standard I require it done and actually get it out there for the guild and public to read. It was my fondest desire to write something so inspirational that Blizzard might make it part of their official lore. Heh, one can dream, right? In part, what drove me to do this, was not that I had a story to tell, so much that I was horribly dissatisfied with the large part of the Warcraft universe novels. To be quite frank, I felt that a lot of what we were being fed as canonical lore was actually just bollocks. Yes, there are people who love Knaak and all he has done for repressed redheaded mages everywhere, but I am not among their number.

However, I digress. What this is, is a central directory for every chapter of Seja’s story as and when I complete each one to a standard I believe can be published. When the entire thing is complete, if that will ever happen, it will be published on the official Roleplaying forum. For now, this will allow everyone in the guild a sneak peek at the thing as it takes shape. The story is massive, approaching 40,000 words and spanning the whole two years of the Wrath of the Lich King expansion, as well as a prologue of the events prior to that as they relate to Seja’s story, and an epilogue which brings us towards the Cataclysm.

What this format will allow is a list of every chapter, in chronological order, to be stored in this post (which will hopefully be stickied). When a chapter is published, I will post each one in a new thread to allow people to give feedback etc in replies to it. The hotlink in this thread here will then be activated, linking to the new chapter’s thread. This allows people to chip in without worrying about breaking the continuity of the chapters and making them a headache to read. It also allows me to write and edit as I please, with the very vital ability to insert new pages or chapters retrospectively. It also lets me do what I love best, which is write the chapters in no particular order whatsoever.

~ Seja


Letters Home
Whispers on the Wind
Hammer and Anvil
The First and the Last
The Last March
Frostmourne the Kinslayer
The Dreamstate and the Awakening
The Scarlet Apocalypse

Book I - Knight of the Ebon Blade

The Light of Dawn
Shadow of the Past
Acherus, Our Home
An Uneasy Alliance
Sifting Through the Ashes
Stormwind, City of Kings
A Visitor in the Night
The Good Ship Northspear
Valgarde, Ho!
A Reunion of Sorts
Pawn of the Kirin Tor

Book II - Order of the Ebon Flame

Dalaran, Jewel of the Firmament
Hurried Meetings
Mutually Beneficial
The Archivum
Heart to Heart
Knight of the Ebon Flame
Induction into the Order
Conflicts of Interest

Book III - Champion of the Frozen Wastes

Necessary Distractions
We Have but One Purpose
A Reluctant Tutor
Spying upon the Eye
The Spellweaver’s Downfall
Gathered Knowledge
Naxxramas, the Dread Citadel
“Destroy them, Kel’Thuzad!”
Audience with the Queen
Trouble in the Temple
The Black Flight Prevails

Book IV - Breach of the Titan Prison

Ruminations on Death
The Source of His Power
Divining the Purpose
Exploring the Ruin
Deus Ex Machina
The Descent into Madness
My Will is My Own
Death’s Demise

Book V - Charge of the Argent Crusade

Darion, Highlord
Assemble the Army
Notions of Honour
The Ebon Charge
A New Directive
A Weapon Like No Other
The Argent March
Malykris, the Vile Hold
The Host of Suffering
Corp’rethar, the Horror Gate
The Citadel Besieged

Book VI - Siege of the Icecrown Citadel

The Argent Breach
“Acceptable Losses”
The Bonesinger's Forge
The Black Sermon
Exotic Materials
The Edge of Shadow
The Sacrificial Lamb
An Audience with the King
By Any Means Necessary
“Don’t Tell Tirion”
Shadowmourne the Kingslayer
The Spire of Shattered Dreams
The Fields of Lordamere
Arthas, My Prince


The Shattered Blade
They Must Never Know
Tides of Darkness
A Favour for a Friend
Doing the Unthinkable

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PostPosted: Fri Oct 08, 2010 1:20 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

WTB Sticky?
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