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Hello there! Introduction and offering.

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PostPosted: Mon Jan 11, 2010 8:15 pm Post subject: Hello there! Introduction and offering. Reply with quote

Greetings and salutations, Ebon Flame! This is GhostFox, for those curious, you might have seen me running around, usually in the RP gear off-setting of my character's class, who is a death knight with Argent Crusader gear.

First of all, I'd like to say congratsulations to the Ebon Flame in their progress.

But, I actually visit this board, in the hopes that either of you might be interested in the following;

With the release of the latest major patch, I was thrilled, cause I had the time to do random dungeons, got to know the battlegroups(which, to me has been an interesting experience to say the least, both positive and negative), and even foolishly march into Icecrown Citadel 10M, 8 people, of which only one tank and one healer(Great fun actually, even though we got slaughtered). The one thing that interested me the most, was the lore. the whole lore that is unfolding. Ofcourse, when it was announced that you could have a piece of lore ON you constantly, in the form of Quel'Delar, I was very excited.

In the repeated runs, trough the Frozen Halls, I saw the Battered Hilt drop once, which was when the droprate was still bugged in PTR chances. After that, repeated Frozen Halls runtroughs have given me nothing. But, I do not wish to turn this into a whinefest.

Now, with rescent events, I have less and less time to try, and the badges of Frost in my Bags are not going anywhere. I do no longer have the time to hit Frozen Halls.

Quel'Delar is not the only piece of lore released this patch, amongst the others is also the fabled ShadowMourne, which still seems a good deal out of reach, but now that you can create Shadow's Edge, it might not be such a distance away anymore.

This is why, I'd like to offer a trade (fair, or unfair, see for yourself^^), or even to say... I'd like to "hire" those interested.

I am offering 2 Primordial Saronites(which, you know, is used for Shadow's Edge), along with a good handfull of Frozen Orbs, Abyss Crystals, Dream shards and other less interesting, but more... gimmicky/Seasonal/RP temporary items, for those interested in getting the Battered Hilt(alliance version!Have to make that sure Razz) for me, either just by trading one they already have, or by putting some effort in it(I feel for ye).

I am also willing to cough up some ammount of gold, though not that much, since I am not that rich, for the effort.

/melodramatic on

If it is the case that I get the Battered Hilt, I am sure to do the questline and enjoy it to my fullest, and you have my thanks, always going down in my personal history as the people who helped me get such an epic blade.

/melodramatic off

Seriously though, you will be remembered, and thanked(plus, you'll get the goodies! THE GOODIES!)
If you are interested, leave your in-game char name in this thread, and I'll contact ye, ask for a price(if you want gold ontop of the goodies I already offer), and I'll post a message here again, if I either find none(though this might take a while), or someone willing to do it for what I offer.

Thank you in advance.

Friendly regards, GhostFox
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