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[The Ebon Redempion] Chapter One: Light's Hammer

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PostPosted: Sat Oct 23, 2010 4:32 pm    Post subject: [The Ebon Redempion] Chapter One: Light's Hammer Reply with quote

„The initial assault was a succes. The Ashen Verdict's army quickly broke through the front gates of the Citadel making short work of the Lich King’s minions at the doorstep. Through much greater effort the army managed to secure the entrance halls. Here they would establish a forward base. Makeshift fortifications were quickly established. The first step was done: they had invaded Icecrown Citadel and have made their stand. They would call their newfound base of operations Light’s Hammer, the weapon of rightousness that will cleanse the foul place once and for all.

It was a trap and everyone knew it. The assault went too smoothly, they have acquired Light's Hammer too quickly. They knew that the Lich King wanted them to hunt him to the innermost corners of his sanctum. He wanted to confront the Ashen Verdict where he was at his strongest. He knew that once he crushed the army Azeroth would be his for the taking.

During the initial struggle it was discovered that Lord Bolvar Fordragon, who everyone thought to be dead after the catastrophic battle of the Wrath Gate, was actually alive an in the Lich King’s captivity. Ushered by hope that the rescue of Lord Fordragon could ignite the hope for peace between the Alliance and the Horde, Captain Muradin Bronzebeard was ordered to prepare the Skybreaker for an aerial assault. It would fall to the champions of the Ashen Verdict to secure the ramparts.

Meanwhile, in secret, Highlord Morgraine and young Seja Victrix began working on how to make the concept of the Shadowmourne reality. They would need the vilest, most wicked materials Azeroth has ever produced. What they were about to accomplish was an insult towards everything the Light stood for… and it was quite possibly the only way to defeat the Lich King."

-excerpts from the Ebon Archives
"The road to hell is paved with good inventions"

"I've got the soul of an artist... right here in my jar"

"You can't spell 'slaughter' without 'laughter'" - Warlock's Creed

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PostPosted: Thu Oct 28, 2010 5:31 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

    One. One raven closed his eyes

Fanguarn opened his eyes and observed his surroundings. Too easy. The assualt had begun and finished in merely a few hours. No one believed this to be it yet; so everyone was even more nervous than before. One could see the lances of the knights nearby trembling in accord with their owners' hands. The Citadel's entrance was supposed to keep them safe from the cold, but to their horror, it was even colder inside. Colder with every step they take, as if the cold radiated from the core of this black grave.
    Two. Two arrows fly in skies.

No, my son. We never use arrows for granting the peace to our friends. You can never guarantee where it might hit. And what if it doesn't kill him? Then he would suffer. No, we don't want that. You've watched bears hunt together, haven't we? Do you remember how they neutralize deers? One quick motion to the head, isn't it. It is the nature's way. Survival of the fittest is what is necessary, suffering of the weaker is not. Thus, no arrows to guarantee our friend will feel at ease at his last moments. We will use this trap instead.
    Three. Three owls sit on a tree.

The druid looked at the messengers sent from the tundra and the fjord. So many humans in the ranks that day. Most with family too, from the number of enveloppes he could see. Most of the times, he would understand but look down on human behaviour; they would seem like younglings to him. Yet this time, this sacrifice they were rushing into, he could perfectly understand. Betrayal. Responsibility. He remembered how aggressive he was while taking measures against Furion's brother. This was no different than that. Betrayers. Cleaning up your own mess. Understandable; respectable.
    Four. Four ships cutting the sea.

Look at the water, son. As we've discussed before, all is balanced, all is linked. To see the air, you must observe the water. To see the wind, look at the lake. Watch the waves. That way? Good. Let's set the trigger here then. That way he won't see it with his eyes busy struggling against the wind. All these aspects matter. Balance, as you may have heard me and young Fandral discussing, is the bound between all this. Balance does not mean equality, be careful. We would be fools to believe that things have only two sides to them and we should equal those. That is not druidism. Oh well, maybe how non-druids see it.
    Five. Five gryphons on a dive.

But who is the deal the final blow. The question that was on everyone's mind, but just mentioned loudly after taking Light's Hammer. The Horde seemed as excited as humans themselves. Lust for revenge, of course, thought the druid. But there was something else too. The hatred for the King was perhaps just masking the hatred for the prince. Arthas, from the royal bloodline. And on the other side of the table; orcs, humans, elves, draenei. All known enemies of the orcs whose at the head of the army who will supposedly help them.
    Six. Six sticks approaching a hive.

Why are we doing this? It is simple again, son. Under pressure, even basic instincts such as solidarity is ripped from the spirit. We know that we cannot deal with an entire pack of our prey. Thus, we seperate them. And the only way to do that is create another threat. Be careful not to disturb the bees though, they are just the distraction. No need to distrupt their own balance as well. Now soon they will come and upon encountering the distraction you will see them turning against each other, seperating ways afterwards. The one who heads to the trap shall be our prey.
    Seven. Seven dwarves aim the gun.

"They took off! They took off!" Loud screams of chaos. Crew running all around the deck, soldiers boarding, almost breaking the simple wooden bridge built for them. The druid was already airborne by the time he heard the engines of Skybreaker starting. So the Horde decided they waited enough, and was going to take the rest of the Rampart on their own. The druid was flying at an almost impossible speed, but by the time he arrived close enough to spot Orgrim's Hammer, he suddenly stopped, almost losing his balance. But the terror that appeared in his eyes was not due to aerodynamics. The Horde ship had not yet taken off, but was in an alarm state. Because the Alliance was making a move to take the Ramparts on their own.
    Eight. Eighth tries seeing the sun.

Stop trying to see the sky, Fanguarn. The trees are too tall to let your gaze through. But of course..the sun, isn't it, son? This...obsession of yours, I will never understand. I know you spent time around the Well again, with your friend. What was her name? Ah, yes, Sharetha. No, no I'm not mad at you, Fang. I'm glad you have friends from her kind as well. We are, in fact, one, you know that don't you? Listen to me closely this time. They will try to seperate you, son, seperate us. We are one race. One culture. Keep that in mind when they try to cast each aspects of that culture to different sides. That is exactly like the pack which will divide with our distraction. And what will happen to the pack that is divided?
    Nine. Nine men already gone.

The druid flapped his wings desperately, watching the two ships closing in on each other. At one side, Skybreaker, boarded with Knights of the Flame. On the other side..he almost lost his balance again after spotting a known face. Could it be her? It looked mighty like her. Before he managed to see her face again the ships started to take evasive manouevres. Yet, it was obvious that this would not be concluded with a simple dog fight. The captains realized that almost simultaneously with the druid and entered the embarking course. The druid was still trying to snap out from the vision of her face. Suddenly he realized he's been singing in his mind the hunt rhyme his father taught him. And that he taught her. As the ships took one last turn, he was certain that it was her on the ship. Sharetha.
    Ten. Trap is set. Time has come.

Okay son. Quick, here they come. Patience is very important when setting a trap. Do you remember that rhyme your mother sang to you a few years ago? Good..the time has come.

    One raven closed his eyes
    Two arrows fly in skies.
    Three owls sit on a tree.
    Four ships cutting the sea.
    Five gryphons on a dive.
    Six sticks approaching a hive.
    Seven dwarves aim the gun.
    Eighth tries seeing the sun.
    Nine men already gone.
    Trap is set. Time has come.

An'da, is there a name for this trap?

Yes, son. Divide et impera.
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