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[The Ebon Redemption] Chapter Two: The Lower Spire

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PostPosted: Sat Oct 23, 2010 4:46 pm    Post subject: [The Ebon Redemption] Chapter Two: The Lower Spire Reply with quote

„It would fall to the ground forces to clear the Lower Spire to the Skybreaker’s extraction point. Lead by the Order of the Ebon Flame the army began its march into the cold and deadly unknown. The march was long and bloody, but nevertheless they have prevailed. And although they fought undead horrors unlike anything they’ve ever seen, it was obvious the Lich King was toying with them, that much more powerful minions would await them. It was that realization that was more horrific than all the monsters they've fought.

After much blood was shed they arrived at the very bottom of the enormous Spire that houses the Frozen Throne at the top. In fact all of Icecrown Citadel is built around this sinister frozen lance. Here they would gaze upon nightmare incarnate. Lord Marrowgar, the guardian of the Throne, awaited them. Rumours say that his unnatural skeleton was pieced together by thousands of vanquished heroes and that he wields the power of the Throne itself. His fearsome Bone Storm almost ensured that the assault died right there, at the very beginning. But Tirion chose his champions wisely. Under the guidance of the Ebon Flame the argent champions quickly adapted to the Spire’s guardians attacks and in the end emerged victorious. But the dozen dead at the hands of Lord Marrowgar reminded them of the heavy price they had to pay.

The next step of the operation was the cleansing and securing the Oratory of the Damned, the domain of Lady Deathwhisper. Here the vile lich would hold sermons to her Cult of the Damned, granting her most devoted followers the „gift” of immortality through undeath. Many of the argent champions remembered the suffering and grief the Cult has caused the Eastern Kingdoms. Disgusted by their blasphemous workings of the cultists and were more than eager to put an end to their mistress's vile rule. However, they did not prepare for the extent of her magical powers. With the powers of frost and unholy at her side she made short work of the initial attack, and her seemingly never-ending supply of cultists who were eager to give their mortal lives for the lich prevented the soldiers to reach her. It was obvious that this battle would be won by magic, not steel. But the lich was powerful. Even a full batallion of Kirin Tor mages were not enough to penetrate her magical defenses. It was only thanks to the cunningness of Ebon Flame spellcasters that a crack was found in her barrier and the army could triumph.

With the annihilation of Lady Deathwhisper the route to the ramparts was clear. Tension, however, between the Horde and the Alliance has escalated. The two armies clashed on the ramparts and a desperate race began to secure the Upper Spire. The fightings did not stop on the ground and once both the Skybreaker and Orgrim’s Hammer were airborne, a fierce dogfight erupted beneath the skies of Icecrown Citadel. Both factions struggled for aerial supermacy and for the exclusive right to face the Lich King themselves. The battle ended with the victory of the Skybreaker, allowing the Alliance and its army to reach the Upper Spire.

Here, on the Deathbringer’s Rise, they were greeted by Deathbringer Dranosh Saurfang, the Horde commander who died at the Wrathgate. The Lich King claimed his soul in the battle and twisted it to his own image, creating an incredibly powerful death knight. With the slightest wave of his hand Saurfang managed to incapacitate almost the entire Alliance army, leaving it to the argent champions and Ebon Flame to release them. The Deathbringer displayed an astonishing mastery over blood, using vile blood beasts to thin the ranks of the army. However, in the end not even he could stop the onslaught of Ashen Verdict. Against all odds, even with half their army decimated, the army emerged victorious.

This marked the first step cleansing the world of Azeroth from the horrors of the Scourge once and for all. Deathbringer’s Rise became the new base of operations, where the Alliance, the Ashen Verdict and the Order of the Ebon Flame would launch their assault on the Upper Spire. King Varian Wrynn himself would oversee the efforts from Deathbringer’s Rise. As an act of mercy and goodfaith towards the Horde, the King has agreed to release the broken body of the Deathbringer to his grieving father, the Horde Overlord Varok Saurfang.

Thus ended the battle of the Lower Spire."

- excerpts from the Ebon Archives
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