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A letter to the Flame

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PostPosted: Thu Oct 07, 2010 10:44 pm Post subject: A letter to the Flame Reply with quote

<Rin finally placed her pen down on the table, leaning back in her chair. The letter she had worked on was remarkably short considering the time she had spent on it. She frowned to herself and leaned forward again, glancing over it one last time. Most likely finding it acceptable, she folded the paper and put it into an envelope.
Making sure she was properly dressed, she went down the stairs and hurried across the main hall, which still frightened her. After a long moment of doubt she placed the letter on the middle of the central table before hurrying up to her room again.>

"Members of the Ebon Flame.

I am Caerinde Greywind. My few friends refer to me as Rin.

I joined your order a week ago. Some of you might have seen me, or my pile of belongings,
just next to the main entrance door. I apologise for that.
I dared not ask for a room. That is settled now, however. Thank you.
I have not met many of you yet. Most mornings I have woken up to an almost empty keep.
I am very shy when it comes to meeting new people, so I thought I
should write a letter telling you about myself, hoping some would read it.
I do not mind talking to people, but crowds scare me very much. Until I have
gained some confidence and feel more comfortable down in the main hall, I
hope this will help explain why you do not see me very often.
I do not want to make a bad impression.

I am not fond of speaking about my past, so I will make it short. Please bear with me.
I used to be a vindicator long ago. Before that, I was an anchorite of the Light.
Due to events long past, the Light does no longer speak to me.
So now I am neither vindicator nor anchorite. I spend most of my time reading
or drawing in Stormwind's harbor, or up in my room. I think a lot, too. Trying to find out what I am
to do with my life, as I have felt like I lacked purpose for a longt time now. I am very nervous by nature, like I already said.
Zho adopted me during a very difficult time in my life. I owe her everything,
and I want her to be proud of me, like any mother would. She knows more about me than anyone else,
yet there is much I have not told her. She knows how I work, and what I fear.
If you would think my behavior strange, of which I have no doubt, mother can tell you about it.

The Light may not speak to me now, but I can still channel its powers. They are still in me,
but I cannot use them without help. For this I use special enchanted gems I buy from a friend.
Heba and I have talked about how I could be of use to you. I have fought and led soldiers for well
over a thousand years, but now I have no desire to fight. But I can be useful in other ways.
I can heal with the help of my gems. I can listen to troubled people. I like to draw,
and spend a lot of time doing it these days. I love to work with gems,
and by doing favors and spending a fortune for the gemcutter's guild in Dalaran,
I have access to all their designs. My collection of designs is wast, the only designs I have not yet acquired
are those guarded by the Scryers in Shattrath, and some are kept somewhere around the Sunwell.
Heba suggested me helping with those things, as well as being her aide.
I owe her a lot and would be very glad to be of help in any way I can.

Right now I feel horribly out of place, with so many fighter types about. I want to be useful to you somehow,
I do not want to be any trouble. I am only looking for a place to call home, and a family I can feel comfortable in.

To those I have already met, thank you. I appreciate the fact that you have been patient with me,
and so welcoming. I will try my best to fit in. This is not a cry for attention or pity.
This is my way of introducing myself to people I have yet to meet, and to make friends. I hope you can understand.

If you need me, I am most likely in my room.


... Yeh, this is just some ranting about me trying to find my spot in the guild and such. I'm not very good when it comes to fitting in, felt like I needed to get it off my chest. Rawr!
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PostPosted: Sat Oct 09, 2010 3:02 am Post subject: Reply with quote

Very nice Rin!

I hope people will say hi when they see you - it is a big guild, but there's always something going on.
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