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Ahhh nostalgia!
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Huh, thought I was logged in, well, um, hi!
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Oldies? What oldies?
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Hmm. I actually have an account still. Weird.
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... now look what you started.

Ten years is pretty incredible to think about. My hand was hovering over the subscription button earlier. Someone drag me away.
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Heba wrote:
Oh this place is still infested with oldies!

*turns on the hearing aid* "What did you say, sproutling?"
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Ortias wrote:
Dunno what you people are talking about

You and Fae going to be making Demon Hunters then? Razz She's got to have finished that PhD by now!
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Dunno what you people are talking about
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Oh this place is still infested with oldies!
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I was feeling nostalgic and thought I would check some of these old posts. Funnily enough, I actually remember this night (ten years ago!!). The frustration of the repeated attempts, the slight jealousy when Sofi won the priest stuff, and the elation at finally getting him down. Good times. Not sure if any of the oldies still play, but if you do, hello from an old ef priest.

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Grats guys, good to see you took him Smile

Always smack your opponent faster than he smacks you. Wise words.
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Mmm, we found that excessive force worked best, as usual.

Drain his mana, have people beat him up as soon as mana is gone to get him to the magic 40% asap. Once we stopped worrying so much about the shades, and actually smacked boss guy, it was quite easy. (Shades must of course be killed ASAP, but leave them to the "lesser" DPS, for instance pally)

Can't say that our group was that balanced: lock, hunter, pally, mage, rogue, 2xwarrior, 3xpriest.
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Well done for getting him down in the end. I'm sorry I couldn't stay but I couldn't keep my eyes open any longer. I think that it should also be mentioned that his monumental effort came after bashing our heads against what felt like a brick wall with Tearar earlier.

Anyways well done all.

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*cries* I should have been there ... I worked so long to get my Magister set and just as long to get upto this part of the upgrade quests. Tried him once or twice with Chii, but we wiped.

Anyway, BIG GRATZ to all of you, I know this boss is a big bad tough cookie! From what I read he's one of the toughest in the game. (It is a 10 people event after all)

As to strategies, in brief :
Tank on boss
Manadrainer on boss
2 healers on tank
3 or 4 rogues or Zerties on spawns till hes down to 30%, then he stops spawning adds
2 or 3 mages nuke boss
Greater Shadow Resistance potions are highly recommended and should be used after hes below 50%
Now this is what I read about it, but I'm afraid it only works if the spawns are killed immediately. If they get to attack, you wipe, takes a few secs, but once their special attack starts you can consider yourself dead.

Another way I was thinking of when we tried him is exactly as Sofi did it ... nevermind the adds and nuke the boss as fast as possible.
When he's dead, he can't summon any more adds, can he?

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